Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Training During Injury

On May 12, 2009 I tore a muscle in my groin that has been painful and challenging to say the least. The first week off, I foscused on weight training all week. I think that I trained 6 days that week.
Going into week 2 I started to crave the high HR and added the stationary bike to the mix. With the stationary bike I was able to get my HR into a reasonable zone that left me statisfied at the end of the training. I still needed something that resembled running and since we do not have a pool at my gym I decided on the elliptical.
The elliptical has been everything that I need for this injury, which is minimal weight bearing. The last two weeks I have been replacing my early morning runs with the elliptical machine. I have been able to really get my HR in the same zone as if I were running and feel no pain when the session is over.
On a recent visit to my family doctor, he recommended one more week off before I begin pounding the road again. It was recommended that in the beginning I chill on my pace and my distance for the first couple of weeks, so it looks like the elliptical will be a key piece of my summer training.
My immediate plans are to ease back into running in the afternoons as recommended and continue the high intensity elliptical workout in the mornings. Once I am back to my usual pavement milage, I will add the elliptical as my second run of the day to reduce impact while increasing fitness. I hope to do this twice a week.
Hopefully this approach to long distance training will get me through my fall 50K and marathon with a PR for both.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fly Fishing in the Southern Appalachians 6/7/09

Despite all of the rain we have had in NC the fishing rocked today. Fished a very small stream starting out and picked up approximately 60 wild rainbows between the two of us. Crazy caddis coming off and all fish were caught on a dry and dropper. Called it around 11:00am as the stream was beginning to flow through private property.

Stream#2- Wasn't as productive as the first, but still good. Derek moved a huge rainbow, but the stars were not in his favor. We caught mostly browns and rainbows with one weird brookie thrown in the mix. Fish were caught on dry and droppers. I used a Elk Hair Caddis and a soft hackle with good success.

Stream #3 - Was located on the "Wilkes County" side of the mountain and the water was high and stained. We caught and missed several nice fish during the hour that we fished.

As the summer temperatures rise, this may have been our last opportunity to fish for freestone trout in the NC mountains. For the next couple of months we will spend time tying big bass flies and getting the kayaks wet while chasing smallmouth.